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When I was about nine, during summer camp we would go out into the woods at night and play hide and seek. I got tired of always being found first because I "glow." Finally I worked out a plan. I wore a hoodie to the next night's game and as I walked into the woods I put the hood up. They found everyone else and it was time to go back inside and they still hadn't found me. Needless to say, I strutted back to the group quite proud of myself. Why I launched into that, I don't know, it just came to mind when I read your comment. I don't really think I quite have that blue tinge as in the pic but it was as close as I could get.
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I feel really guilty now - I only thought of all the cool spooky crap that could be done if one was able to glow. Ah yes the skin tones left something to be desired, mine makes me look all pink and healthy.

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Aww, don't feel guilty. I kind of like my glowiness now. It's just that as a kid in a small rural town, it was an endless source of irritation. I didn't figure out the cool spooky crap angle until much later, unfortunately. I r teh slow, hehe. Looking pink and healthy?! For shame! You are in direct violation of internet geeky hermititude!


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