Firstly, this is an awesome post with several book recommendation tools that use a variety of ways to find your next book crush. I know, your to-read piles are as long as mine but dammit, they're so fun to play with.

Next, I think this is the most fabulous Etsy store I have ever come across. Four words: Retro. Atari. Needlepoint. Magnets. Seriously.

Moving right along, a friend linked me to a new zombie comic. It starts off just a little slow but it picks up fairly quickly. The artistic style took me a bit of getting used to but now I've come to the conclusion that it complements the action. I'm liking it quite a bit.

And finally, here is a new pic of my kittehs looking annoyed at me for interrupting their nap. They rarely nap together so I had to do eeet. (Little Pie on the left, PoofPoof on the right) Kindly ignore the strange orange pillowcases; it seems the matching ones to my Jack Skellington blanket have been consumed by the abyss.

Everything else is pretty groovy around here. The tiny leeeetle sweater I was knitting got put into the I'll-get-to-it-sometime pile because I HATE that yarn. This pile is becoming distressingly large. I found this cool slouchy beret pattern that I've been working on; I like it muchly but it's my first time knitting lace and I have frogged it 2743645 times because I want perfection, however, this is making the yarn turn all splitastic. But! It's my first time using my cute pink set of interchangeable needles, which I have fallen in lurrrrve with.

PS: I rule the motherfuckin' Oregon Trail!


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