Taught myself the basic knitting stitches last month, LOVE it. Trying to teach myself to crochet and finding it next to impossible. Urge to stab with crochet hook rising...

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I had the exact opposite problem. I was taught to knit a couple years ago and it took me the best part of four hours to get the hang of it. I found some crocheting instructions on Google and had it in a few minutes. I guess it's different for everyone.

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It did take me a bit to get the hang of purling and casting off. I was just able to make my first simple crochet chain, so that's my battle won for the evening. I've read where a lot of people have a difficult time learning crochet if they know how to knit and vice versa.
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I still need to get on with trying to learn increases and decreases and then I can finally get on with a project of some kind. I might save crochet for after I really have knitting down, I don't want to confuse my poor brain at all with too much new stuff at once.

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That's because you're much smarter than me, hehe. Ever since I got my first ball of yarn and set of needles I have been obsessed. I really wish I would have taken the time to learn all this earlier. I love it so much that I'm determined to learn every kind of stitchery and needlecraft out there, and I'm like a kid about it, very impatient and with a short attention span. I have several knitting things going on and some cross stitch and am working on testing out an embroidery pattern. Clearly I'm a lunatic but eh, I'm enjoying it. Although at this rate I'll probably never finish a damned thing.


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