So sitting here reading one of the multitude of lame vampire novels that I can't keep my hands off of (except for Twilight, even I'm not that far gone) and I'm reminded of something my American Lit. II professor brought up last year. Is there a difference between literature and Literature (said with a snooty accent)? For example, are Harlequin romance novels considered Literature? Does it have to be Shakespeare or Joyce to be considered worthy of the title? If there is a line between them, where is it drawn?

My professor didn't have any answers and neither do I. Most of the students in my class said that cheap paperback romances are definitely not Literature and pretty much stuck their noses in the air but they couldn't define why. And now I've lost my train of thought after Poof decided she can has snuggles...NOW. (Plump kitty cuddling ftw.)

ETA: Ok fine, I admit it. I did in fact read the first book of the Twilight series last year and it does indeed suck just as much as everyone says it does.
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